The Family Ferrari And The Great Passion Of Small Crane

Photo: Samoter International Fair of Verona in Italy on October 1987

In 1970 on Boretto in the province of Reggio Emilia by two brothers born  the F.lli Ferrari, John and Romano Ferrari, with the help and expertise of parents in mechanical engineering, they began their activities as a precision machining workshop and others. So it was that the two brothers, in addition to the work of the workshop, they decided to start production of small cranes for HGV and with so much good will and resourcefulness transformed in a few years the small workshop in small industry. Soon the activities of Ferrari brothers grew up to think about starting the production of a product under its own brand

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In 1990 the two brothers decided to continue their activities independently divides the tasks, Romano was involved in the study, research, development and marketing while Gianni was following series production.
In 1993 Romano expands The study, research and development called: R. F. Ltd. engineering, a technical office with the intention of developing new innovative technologies of product and process (hydraulic cylinders, carpentry, and installation of cranes on trucks), developing a modular concept for the production of hydraulic cranes with max by 10 to 60 q.li, offering competitive advantages both in production and installation of small capacity trucks.
Since 2004 the R.F.s.r.l engineering begins the study of an ambitious new project, called “New Concept Crane” (With construction system patented) that allows custom installation of kit for single brand, model and type of truck.
In 2010, on the occasion of the International Building Exhibition SAIE 2010 held in Bologna, he was presented the first crane of the first series “New Concept Crane” installed on IVECO DAILY 35 Quintals In that ‘occasion they assigned the Innovation Award for the future of the shipbuilding and construction industry.
During 2012 Romano Ferrari expands its technical study activities R.F. Cranes Engineering starting the business technical consulting, collaborating with the green economy, for a cleaner world, bringing innovations in the field

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